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SHoP Architects won the competition for NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Based on a loom, with some pretty sweet truss action, the new facade incorporates studio, classroom and “hang-out” spaces! Gernot would be proud - if only he thought of it first.

Animal Review: Giraffe

The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis, lit. ‘Tiny, but said ironically’) is Nature’s concept car. Large and impractical, the giraffe was never meant for mass production, but some executive fell in love with it at Detroit’s annual Animal Show a few years back, and giraffes have been losing money ever since.

Inverted Skyscraper designed for Mexico City. It integrates a museum, shopping, living spaces and offices along with living lobbies and a subway station.

It looks pretty awesome.

Its part of a green skyscraper design competition hosted by eVolo.

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